In this new reality, many IT systems are facing unprecedented workloads. As a result, the Cloud Native approach is rapidly gaining popularity as it helps meet these demands. The success of this approach, however, depends on the adoption and integration of adequate security solutions, easy to use and able to protect the services in use.

Join the conversation with Mirco Patroncini (Director of Platform Engineering at, Federico Da Forno (Tech Reference team SRE Middleware & DC at, Riccardo Rolando (CEO of Upgrade), Stefania Rollandin (Customer Development Manager at Cloudflare ), Sara Maiolino (Account Executive at Cloudflare), during which the challenges that many companies are facing will be discussed:

• What are the digital channels used to communicate / sell?

• What are the challenges that the company must face in this particular period?

• What is the level of digital culture of the company and what is the awareness of the threats?

• What kind of solutions and approaches are adopted?

• What are the critical issues and / or difficulties encountered in dealing with these situations?

• What are the strategies to improve the defense of digital channels?