Cyber Risk Management

By cyber risk management we mean the set of all techniques aimed at ensuring the protection of the integrity, availability, confidentiality and confidentiality of data and information.
In particular, cyber risk management takes place through a complex process that aims to identify the vulnerabilities of the IT system, the possible threats and the relative probability of occurrence as well as to estimate the potential damages.

The rapid evolution of ICT technologies has meant that today security moves from the protection of the corporate network to the defense of individual data, no longer stored in a single central server (the company), but present in personal computers, in mobile devices. , in people’s tablets and, therefore, can also be transmitted outside the company network with a higher level of risk.

With the spread of the cloud, mobile devices (which increase the risks associated with the aforementioned BYOD) and the so-called Internet of Things (since 2008 the number of objects connected to each other and to the Internet has exceeded the current terrestrial population), in fact, users continuously exchange sensitive information even outside the protected company network, thus risking to put the company itself in crisis.

All this will inevitably lead to an increase in the threats of attack or industrial espionage, especially against SMEs, both because they are less protected than large companies and because they are possible links to access the latter as suppliers, consultants, customers, etc.

In light of these observations, therefore, protection focused on data and not on the company is today the only way to have your data under control and defend the company.

Benefits of Cyber ​​Risk Management

  • Contributes to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect customer data.
  • Improve Audit and facilitate Compliance
  • It enables a proactive approach to cybersecurity and helps highlight vulnerabilities before they can be exploited
  • Helps prevent data loss and business “downtime”, lost revenue and bad publicity

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