Endpoint Detection & Response

Cyber threats change shape every day, and your trusted antivirus can’t  always provide you with the right protection. Today it is necessary to change strategy, by analysing your computer’s behaviour and delegating the intervention to those who are prepared to act  24/7. Upgrade offers services and products to protect and monitor your company’s endpoints, being safely projected into the future.The strategies to protect the network and workstations’ perimeter must be reviewed and reinforced, using tools for active and unified research,to adequately respond to threats to IT security.

It is therefore, necessary to move from a reactive to a proactive approach, to what is usually called “Threat Hunting”.

EDR solutions allow IT security staff to quickly identify threats at workstations using a single interface, automatically collect information and neutralize the attack. EDR systems use threat intelligence information, which many companies acquire from a variety of sources ,so that they can control processes within the corporate networks.

In theory, threat hunting could be done without EDR tools; however, such a manual operation is much more expensive and less effective. On the contrary, in some cases it could have negative effects on the business, as analysts must interfere in broad spectrum operations in the workstations.

In essence, EDR tools give experts the ability to quickly collect all the information they need, analyze it (manually or with automated systems) and make the appropriate decisions. They can also remotely delete any files or malware using the unified control interface, move a quarantined object, or perform recovery operations without physical access to the workstations.

Benefits of an EDR solution:

  • A unique combination of renowned and cutting-edge technologies to block the most common attacks
  • A set of advanced techniques and mechanisms to identify and respond quickly to unique and advanced threats
  • The possibility of anticipating future threats and defining proactive protection through professional services
  • Facilitates both prevention operations such as threat hunting and further operations such as Forensics
  • Reduces costs and resources and contributes to achieving and maintaining compliance with regulations and security policies

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