Identity and Access Management

For companies, it’s necessary to be one step beyond the ever changing world of cyber crime.

“Trust” does not mean unlimited and unnecessary information access to all the employees. With the right security monitoring, organizations can significantly reduce their exposition to internal threats. The key is to find the right balance between qualification and control of the employees, by making them responsible for their own actions. This process asks for an ample approach to allow a company to manage identities, data and accesses, using privileged identities and their governance.

Benefits of an IAM solution:

  • complete management and identity functionality governance
  • a simple and intuitive user experience
  • user certification and access request simplification
  • Improvement in productivity and user satisfaction
  • allows to execute an analysis and  risk certifications
  • allows to start real time fixing operations while provisioning accesses
  • improves Audit results
  • reduces the exposition to risks with preventive criteria application

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