NextGen Firewall

An advanced security strategy includes traditional methodologies and innovative, powerful, intelligent tools, such as Next Generation Firewalls. The goal is to address and eliminate the most subtle threats on networks that today go beyond the traditional perimeters, including mobile and remote users.

Next Generation Security implies a series of goals and identifies in the Next Generation Firewall the most powerful weapon to achieve them. The first  and most important goal, is to get “the visibility and  control of the whole traffic that it developed on the business’ network”, practically an utopic aspiration with traditional  port – and protocol-based firewalls. These, in fact, identify applications only through the numbers of the doors used by default (while today many programs employed by the consumers use non standard doors or effect  port hopping) and don’t have the ability to analyze the content of the application traffic, through context and behaviour analysis.

Benefits of a NextGen Firewall solution

  • Meet compliance requirements, by analyzing the applications used, by user, and defining rules based on reference policies
  • Maintains a high level of protection from vulnerabilities
  • Allows you to move the focus of the authorization definition rules to the user/application relationship
  • Offers full application control
  • Reduces costs and contributes to achieving and maintaining compliance with regulations and security policies
  • Provides real-time, higher-level visibility than traditional firewalls
  • Impact of new application components on the operation of the existing network and minimized perimeter security systems

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