The key principle at the base of every SIEM software solution is the ability to aggregate meaningful data coming from multiple sources, by identifying anomalies and deviations from the norm, and instigating appropriate actions to resolve the safety problem. For instance, when a potential issue is identified, this kind of solution can record additional information, in order to alarm and point out further safety controls, as well as stop the to progress of one determined activity.

A SIEM system  is able to pick up and organize data related to the safety in a unique location, which is easier to monitor by IT manager. As mentioned prior, such software is able to draw data given by every kind of device, including the systems’ host, applications, and security tools. Subsequently, the software, through data analysis, can individualize and relay critical signs to IT administrators, that, in real time, are able to react to the attacks addressed to the system.

The SIEM software can use heuristic algorithms that contemplate the probability of addressimg various kinds of  cyber attacks, as ‘zero-day’ exploits , DDOS attacks( distributed denial of service), and brute force attacks.

The system exploits a baseline model that allows it to carry out the schemes’ correspondence operations (pattern matching), log aggregation, and analysis, in order to locate anomalous activity.

Naturally, these tools interoperate with organization established security policies, in order to determine the actions that should be undertaken against malicious files.

Based on algorithms, the SIEM software can activate an automatic answer to an attack when this happens. For example, it can be able to stop or potentially block malevolent traffic, or  reduce performances maintaining an operative standard of the IT infrastructure.

At the same time, the SIEM software alarms the administrators and records further information, empowering it to understand and discover what actions lead to a violation, where the problem has started, and in what measure it has involved the organization.

The benefits of a SIEM solution:

  • It facilitates possible Forensics actions
  • It extracts data from every kind  of device, and is able to normalize it by allowing it to analyze typical schemes of use
  • It shortens the time necessary to  analyze data
  • It merges all the information in a unique pool, facilitating their consultation
  • It reacts automatically to threats, which diminishes the staff’s workload by permitting manual interventions as a follow-up
  • It is able to understand an attack’s source and identify its targets.

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