The intrinsic value of Data

Data represents the engine of transformation in the digital economy, and this is the reason why it is considered “the oil” of new economy.

Data are the least exploited, and least valued assets of an organization. They hide some of the most important information that can be possibly acquired, at the IT level and throughout the company:

  • where problems occurred
  • how to optimize the user experience
  • the traces left by fraudulent activity
  • analyzing historical data to find recurring patterns
  • predicting future trends in a Data Driven economy

All this information can be identified in data generated by the organization’s normal activity.

Predictive Analysis

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Business Intelligence

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Tech BigData

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Gathering, monitoring and analysis of Big Data

Areas of Application


Optimization and savings in passenger service delivery and in flight information


Control, training management and shape status predictions


Prevention, research, and targeted interventions, for less invasive techniques and light post-operative recovery

Insurance Companies

The use of blackboxes to define your driving style, in order to adapt the insurance premium


Manage the information contained in the consumer profile, to define targeted and personalized business strategies

<Sustainable Traffic & Smart City

Using travel records to intervene on traffic and mobilty, making it smarter and more intuitive

Tourism & Travel

Directing investments and allocating human and logistical resources, according to future trends and fashion.

IA & Finance

Artificial intelligence is increasingly a strategic asset for everybody: governments, corporations, and even investment banks.